More by Alicia Puig, Creator, Curator, & Writer

More by Alicia Puig, Creator, Curator, & Writer

Alicia was recently interviewed by Anisa Benitez, founder of More By Her. Read the full feature here

More by Her serves as a platform and community to highlight women & non-binary people shaping culture. We are dismantling the ‘starving artist’ stigma one story at a time. Here we feature people across a spectrum of creative careers, in addition to their work. #ThrivingArtist

Our intention is to:

  • Strengthen the pipeline of womxn in the arts and creative fields through storytelling that provides others, especially girls, transparency into what a creative future could look like.

  • Shift unequal power structures and cultural beliefs by promoting creative womxn and supporting their work.

  • Show the diversity of creative paths and thriving womxn following them.