PxP Contemporary invited to curate a collection for SHOWFIELDS

PxP Contemporary invited to curate a collection for SHOWFIELDS

The experiential retail store and online shopping platform, SHOWFIELDS, asked Alicia to select a group of artists to feature on their website and then speak about their work through a live curation event.

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Curatorial Statement: 

We all know that artwork made by women remains underrepresented by blue-chip galleries, is less likely to be acquired for museum collections, and still only makes up a small portion of the top lots sold at auction. (The high-end art market has catching up to do!) While many women artists who paved the way for contemporary artists are just now finally getting their due and we have high hopes that the next generation will see greater equality and diversity in the art industry, we cannot overlook those working today as they will become tomorrow’s art history. I am proud to know so many women artists in 2020 who are thriving, each in their own way. My curation for Showfields will bring together a selection of women artists based both in the US and internationally who I either currently or have previously shown with my gallery PxP Contemporary. Their works inspire, spark joy, evoke nostalgia, share a part of their culture or personal history, and so much more. Thank you and I hope you enjoy the collection!

Featured Artists:

Eliana Marinari
Gretchen Warsen
Jenny Brown
Juliana Naufel
Kristen Elizabeth
Manty Dey
Michelle Lee Rigell
Neena Buxani
Nicolle Cure
Nina Franco
Shamona Stokes
Shawna Gilmore

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