The Stages From Creating to Collecting by Elisa Valenti

We're thrilled to begin a new series of blog posts written by our artists! This week, we invited painter Elisa Valenti to talk about the joys of sharing her art with collectors. 

“You are not entitled to a book of patients” is something I would tell my preceptor students. Each patient that walks into your pharmacy is earned and each interaction is a chance to build trust. It takes years to earn the trust and respect of your community. The same holds true for my art collectors. With each work, I share a bit of myself, I welcome them to listen to my message and to bond with my work. I have now transitioned my life from working as a clinical pharmacist to a professional artist and I feel this sentiment when each piece of art sells from my collections.

There is a rollercoaster of emotions I experience as an artist, from the inception of an idea, through the process of creating, to unveiling the work, and finally to it making its way to a collector.

Inspiration: The moment that vision appears in your mind can be as fantastic as it can be stressful. When I experience grand moments of inspiration, I want to do nothing more than get all that energy down on paper. Time cannot go fast enough. I want to experience in front of me what I see in my mind. It can be stressful because I fear the moment will be fleeting and I will lose that spark.

Joy: The sense of accomplishment and growth from seeing your vision realized is incredible. You can see right in front of you how you have changed and matured as an artist with each new work you put forth. The work reflects your evolution and development.

Appreciation: The feeling of hearing how your work touches a person’s soul is unreal. An artist puts themselves into the world and the work can either be accepted or rejected. It can cause indifference, or it can spark joy and inspiration. I feel a great sense of awe and humility when I receive feedback like, “I want to thank you for being there for me, someone you don’t even know, in times you don’t even know about. You reach much farther than you think”. We put our art into the world blindly, unknowing of its power, unknowing of the emotion it will evoke in others. I do not take for granted the gift I have been given and pray I can continue to shine a light on those who need it.

A Bittersweet Feeling: Artists spend hours laboring over their creations, days, weeks, years consumed by the thoughts of their work. They obsess over the countless details it takes to bring their work to life. They live with these works as though they live and breathe, sharing their space. When an artwork is purchased, it is a joyous event and yet bittersweet - like sending your child off to college! :)

Gratitude: In a sea of artists, your heart, your instinct, your eyes, chose mine. There is a certain magic involved in that moment you see yourself in a piece of art. That moment of emotion that lets you know that piece was meant for you, is special. I enjoy that gleam in the eye of the viewer the moment they connect with my art, equally as much as I enjoy the moment of my own initial inspiration. The artwork is the link between the artist and the collector. The message in the work is the connection. The purchase is the daily visual reminder of a person’s dream. 

Thank you to my collectors for appreciating my art, supporting my vision, and believing in my passion! I hope you enjoyed me sharing my thoughts with you. Follow along with me on Instagram @elisavalentistudio and shop original works on my website or see selected works available with PxP Contemporary.