Emily Mullet, Wallpaper Flowers - Yellow - Original Art

Emily Mullet, Wallpaper Flowers - Yellow - Original Art


Emily Mullet
Wallpaper Flowers - Yellow

8 x 8 inches
Screen printing, with acrylic paint, & spray paint on panel

During the initial COVID-19 shutdown in early 2020, Emily began working with a model through social media to create portraits reflecting the isolating experience. Finely cut lilies, a traditional funeral flower, were layered into the compositions as a faint reminder of the loss of life. However, these florals simultaneously carry feelings of hope, new growth, and femininity. These combined elements create a variety of dreamlike states that portray the wide range of emotions felt during the collective experience of 2020. Some pieces present moments of peace and stillness, while others illustrate feelings of confusion and insecurity. This collection of work became unintentional documentation of the pandemic experience as it unfolded. 

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