Kristin Holm Dybvig, Horizons, Conversions - Original Painting


Kristin Holm Dybvig
Horizons, Conversions

30 x 21.9 inches
Soft pastels on cotton paper with thin layer of fixative

*This artwork ships from Norway*

Requires framing with protective glass. It is shipped flat and packed in a box.

"There is a storm brewing in the horizon, the air is thick with change, it is a transient time of night, a time of transformation and conversions.

In this series, I explore the wide horizons, the broad sky, and expanses of the ocean. I like to capture moody moments and express their calm and serene greatness. I like to build the mood slowly using my handmade pastels. These lyrical landscapes are not pictures of actual places, they are made from memories, one could call them soul moods, as they express emotions and a state of mind as much as a landscape."

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