Kristin Holm Dybvig, Tide Pools and Yellow Shores - Original Painting


Kristin Holm Dybvig
Tide Pools and Yellow Shores

22 x 30 inches
Soft pastels on 300g Arches watercolor cotton paper 

*This artwork ships from Norway*

Requires framing with protective glass. It is shipped flat and packed in a box.

"Inspired by the bright yellow lichen that covers the rocks along the coast making them light up and shine in the sun. Spring is moving on fast feet over the land, visiting every nook and cranny leaving fresh colors as its footprints. The magic of spring is upon us, it's transforming the land and coloring it so beautifully, bringing life back again. The yellow light is here again and the sun has started to warm the land. The rocky shores are becoming friendly places for new life to start and for curious children to play. It is a fabulous time of the year - all is fresh and new and yet forever old."

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