Laurén Brady, New Growth - Original Painting


Laurén Brady
New Growth

20 x 20 inches
Oil and pastel on canvas

"My work explores landscape and the psychological imprints placed on daily events. Through bold and emotive color palettes, I use painting as a way to process and reflect on my surroundings. Charcoal and pastel carve into the surface as indelible vestiges and soft echoes of pine forests, shorelines, architecture, and cast-off objects. Mundane and fleeting memories are painted with tenderness. The sources for the works, often discarded found fragments or by intentionally dwelling on a moment, become precious and intrinsically tied to a particular location, story, or person. Through abstraction, expressive mark-making, and layering, my paintings are intentional meditations on daily life and an attempt to understand and hold on to the liminal. The works expose shifting and moving in the present; the things in process of losing and the things that are lost. My paintings seek to pause, acknowledge, and reflect on the everyday through tendency and tenderness, reverence and reverie, memory and memorabilia, storage and stories."

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