Anuradha Bhaumick

Anuradha Bhaumick Bio

Anuradha is an embroidery artist from Bangalore. Art has been an integral part of her life. Her love affair with embroidery started when she was five and came down with Chicken Pox. Her mom had to keep her away from the playground and so she handed her an old rumaal (handkerchief) and a sewing kit, and taught her running stitch and lazy daisy. Not only did the artist's mother manage to keep her from infecting the neighbourhood; she gave Anuradha her Ikigai (reason for being)

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The key themes for my embroideries are reading & relaxation. I create sceneries of lush foliage & dreamy reading poses, all to dilute the monotony of everyday life with the monotony itself. There is infinite beauty in a simple life, and my work is a manifestation of these effortless joys.

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