Juliana Naufel, Everything is Political, Limited Edition Print


Juliana Naufel
Everything is Political

8.25 x 11.75 inches
Limited edition print of an embroidered fine art on canvas
LuciaPro Mineral Pigments on Hahnemühle Canvas Cézanne 430gsm
Edition of 50

*This artwork ships from Brazil*

"Naufel’s work invites us to become aware of different realities and support each other as women. She uses her passion for life to inspire powerful messages that she exposes through her vibrant embroidered photographs. The compositions are visual healing poems, created sometimes with a simplified color palette, that aim to show as much as possible with as little as possible, and other times with a bolder color scheme, creating a new version of the world — one sprinkled in color, spontaneity, and joy. Her work reminds us to prioritize the things in life that bring us hope and peace and with every stitch that she makes, Juliana wants to share her experience with us and encourage our cognizance of the little things in life that make us unique. Her work truly comes to life with intimacy and care, as we can all reflect on the themes of nostalgia, identity, and connection. Juliana’s passion for witty storytelling allows her to transform long-forgotten moments into a whimsical art piece. The magic behind Naufel’s artistic practice is that the artworks are irreversible small gestures of love. They have the ability to make amends with the past and free us, bringing love to our deepest core."

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