Lillian Aguinaga, Hidden in Plain Sight - Limited Edition Print


Lillian Aguinaga
Hidden in Plain Sight

16 x 12 inches 
Limited edition archival print on fine art paper, embellished with metallic gold and silver paint
Edition of 8

Lillian Aguinaga is a Peruvian - American contemporary artist based in New Orleans, LA. Her striking work places focus on fear of the unknown and perseverance in the face of great uncertainty. 

In her latest painting series, 'Hidden in Plain Sight,’ Lillian delves into the human response to grief and mortality. Grief can be the result of a relationship ending, a missed opportunity, or the revocation of fundamental rights. Through self-reflection and observation of others, she examines the transcendence of the self when we overcome our fears, embrace the unknown, and persevere. This series has become an integral part of Lillian’s grieving and healing process.

Her own experiences with hardships as well as the tenacity of the strong, powerful women in her life have an immense impact on her work. The intense color schemes capture the spirit of her subjects and evoke the sensation of stillness in chaos for the audience. Her command of light and shadow, influenced by color and lighting effects in cinematography, leave her audience with a sense of mystery and possibility.

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