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Ashley Buttercup is a Brooklyn based painter.  She focuses on capturing moments through portraiture, collage, and abstract work.  Often using her best friends as muses, her pieces are collaged together with paint, magazine clippings, and different levels of texture. Buttercup received her B.A. at Temple University, where she studied art direction and studio art. Her works have been exhibited in New York and Philadelphia as well as internationally in Japan. 


The warrior queen series is a meticulous collection of hyper-specific magazine clippings of women of color. My intentions with this project were to remove the commercial interpretations of black women and replace it with elements of dignity, excellence, and strength. Each piece is inspired by a friend or family member. Some of the clippings may feel familiar, but it's because the models are in popular ads like Jergens or Burberry. I believe we are our strongest selves when we are connected with nature, so it was important for me to incorporate a green saturated background. The golden moons in each piece are a representation of rejuvenating energy; another symbol of our relationship with nature.

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