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As a child, Brittany’s favorite hobby was drawing. She continued to draw figures and portraits throughout grade school and high school and enrolled in art courses in college. Ultimately, she graduated with a degree in creative advertising, but it wasn’t long before she returned to her sketchbook and paints.

A proud Texan since birth, Brittany was raised in Houston and now resides in Austin with her husband and two sons. In the early hours of the morning, she paints from her home studio, finding peace and creative energy in the silence.

After a brief career in medical sales, Brittany chose to pursue art full-time. She primarily creates abstract mixed media pieces with acrylic.

Brittany’s work is primarily inspired by female strength and empowerment. “I’ve been shaped by the stories of so many incredible women I’ve met during my life. Their bravery and wisdom inspire my creative process. When I paint, it’s as if I can hear them whispering to me.” The result is bright, bold, colorful pieces that Brittany sees as a reflection of the women who light up her soul.

Brittany hopes that her work will inspire other women and send them positive messages about following their bliss, listening to the voice inside them, and sharing their experiences with others.

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