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Brittany Ellis

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Brittany Ellis Bio

Brittany Ellis lives and works in Houston, Texas where she was born and raised. Growing up with a car artist father and an educator mother, she was taught to follow her dreams and passions and accomplish her goals. Her experience in the art world has taught her to incorporate what she loves and what she knows into her work to create innovative pieces of art. While attending the Academy of Art University, Brittany felt called to a creative life. Her background as a painter, photographer, and innovator compels her to create unique, one-of-a-kind artworks. Using various mediums and subjects allows her to underscore the message her paintings possess.

Brittany's website


2020 has been a year to remember for more reasons than one. Its lows are matched by its highs, which have brought inspiration within a time of uncertainty. While in quarantine, I began to reflect on happy memories despite the chaos of this year. My new art series “reflective visuals of contemplation” is a visual representation of my recollection of the past during my time in quarantine. Using oil paint, pastels, and old reference photos, I created compositions documenting simple moments of my life; a time in which life was explored and stress was omitted. These images document not only moments of my life, but instances that influenced who I am today. This series became a series about life acceptance of the present. The nostalgia experienced within the past are feelings that are obtainable in the present by pursuing our aspirations. The pandemic forced everyone to slow down and acknowledge what we take for granted. As we continue through the trenches of 2020 we must continue to prioritize connection and remember to capitalize on the simple things. It's okay to slow down and perhaps reflect on the clouds every now and then.

Brittany Ellis, Koi Fish - Original Painting
Brittany Ellis, Golden Gate - Original Drawing