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Leah Guzman is an Artist, Author, Art Therapist and Founder of Creative Soul Society, with 19 years practicing art therapy. Her mission is to support creatives with the tools, skills and knowledge to manage emotions and up level every area of their life. Leah provides art therapy services and also mentors creatives to setting up their own businesses.

Leah holds a Master’s degree in Art Education focused on Art Therapy from Florida State University, and a BFA in studio sculpture from Georgia State University. She has since then been exhibiting her work, writing books and offering online services. She currently lives in Miami, Fl where she runs Creative Soul Society and mentors creatives around the world.


The Higher Self Series is an exploration of my spiritual journey with flora, fauna and sacred geometry. My visual vocabulary includes repeating patterns of hexagons, crowns, flowers and birds. Most of my inspiration comes from my lush backyard in Miami, Florida.  Birds are symbols known as messengers from Source, a higher power. Each bird has its own unique message. When a feathered creature shows up consistently in your life it's fun to see what the message is for you. Each piece is delicate, with a sense of regal and power. The overall theme of the Higher Self Series is to continue to show up as you are and share your gifts with the world.

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