Maria Titan

Maria Titan mixed media portrait art

Maria Titan Artist Biography

Maria was born and raised in South Africa to Greek Cypriot parents. She knew she wanted to be an artist when she was 7 years old. After completing her BA in Fine Art from the University of South Africa, she moved to Taiwan where she taught English and Art. Four years later, she moved to Cyprus where she currently resides in Nicosia, the last divided city in Europe. She owned a recruitment company for several years and continued to paint as a hobby. During Covid, with offices shut, she found her old paintbrushes and started painting again. One thing led to another, and she decided to leave the corporate world for good, choosing to rent a studio where she now paints full time. She has had several of her artworks published in art publications and sells paintings both locally and internationally. She is currently working towards a solo exhibition.

Maria is inspired by people, nature, still life, and interiors. She chooses saturated colors and bold expressive brushstrokes. Her work often tells a story and feels quite whimsical, superimposing animals in interior spaces or humans in front of ornate, detailed backgrounds. A mixed-media artist, she loves to paint on watercolor paper, favoring it above all other mediums, and primarily in acrylics, pastel, pen, and watercolor.

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