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Mona Lerch is a self-taught contemporary visual artist currently residing in Brno, Czech Republic. 

Mona began her art journey as an abstract oil painter; however, her creative passions and love for experimentation led her into watercolor botanical illustration and portraits, linocut prints, collages and recently also acrylics. She uses both life and work experiences to give shape to unique pieces of artwork that are often characterized by elaborate structure and layers.  

Being a nature lover and a passionate advocate of ecological lifestyle, she digs deep into her fantasy to materialize her inner world on canvas. Her mission is to create a narrative embodying the beauty we have around us that we forget to see and break the boundaries between the body and mind. Originally a dancer, dance teacher and choreographer, her art speaks of movement and the importance of being present in every moment of our lives. In her latest works, she focuses on feminine energies. She describes this change in her subject matter as a part of her spiritual awakening and embracing womanhood after years of building her career in internal security, a predominantly male discipline.  

Mona believes that art has healing powers as it helped her overcome postpartum trauma accompanied by depression and anxiety. She’s passionate about sharing her journey, hoping to inspire other women artists to step outside their comfort zone and transform their dreams into reality.

Mona is a member of several art directories and communities – All SHE Makes, Visionary Art Collective, Creative Lady Directory, Where Are The Women Artists and Art Queens Society. She’s shown her work online with Women Artist Born Global Network, The Unicorn Factory, Visionary Art Collective, Brandi Hofer Art Gallery, The Purposeful Mayo and The Curator’s Salon.

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I paint because it makes me feel alive. Canvas is my playground, my performance stage, where I give shape to dreams and emotions, drawing inspiration from nature with its perfect imperfections, geometry, and feminine energies.

Painting healed me when I felt confused and lost. I found beauty in the mundane – in the most ordinary moments that, as a new mum, I managed to steal just for myself, away from pain and anxiety. My creative process was the light at the end of the tunnel that sparked my journey of self-discovery through art. I never let go, quit my career, and embraced the newly discovered craving.

In my current body of work, I step away from abstract landscapes and focus on the female form instead, reflecting on my spiritual adventure. As I progressed with my journey, I also noticed the growth and ease in my portraits/figurative work. Natural elements still play a vital part in many of these pieces. It's my means of emphasizing the connection with our surroundings that enables us to stay grounded. I embrace the challenges that come with individual techniques as I shift between different media in my art process. I strive to express intense emotions through my art, touch the viewer's soul and help them find a connection in our shared experiences.

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