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Alejandra Morales Garza Art Alejandra Morales Garza Art

Alejandra Morales Garza, The footsteps running towards you are mine - Original Painting


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Alejandra Morales Garza
The footsteps running towards you are mine

47.2 x 31.5 inches 
Acrylic on canvas

*This artwork ships from Mexico*

"I paint scenes typically associated with femininity, tenderness, and fragility. I create fantastical worlds that are distorted and baroque while remaining comforting and aesthetic. The humorous and ironic undertones to many of my works have led some to refer to it as being kitsch. However, I believe the excessive use of ornamentation can be seen as reflective of life’s negations: clichés that have lost their innocence without spreading wisdom.

Fundamentally, my artwork explores female sexuality and traditional female ideals of being a housewife and a child bearer. This is an ideology deeply rooted in my native city of Monterrey, in the conservative North of Mexico. This vision of success, a narrow, even asphyxiating, idea of fulfillment, is one that I find simultaneously fascinating and repellent. In my pieces, I typically contemplate these themes through the use of metaphor – principally birds and flowers. My aim is to use warmth, tonality, and humor as a means of ideological expression.

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