Raisa Nosova

Raisa Nosova Tradition original wall sculpture

Raisa Nosova Artist Biography

Raisa Nosova is an American artist. She holds an MFA degree from NYU Steinhardt. She is a recipient of the George T. Dorsch Art History Grant, Fannie Kipnes Memorial Award for oil painting, Raquel Rub Sculpture Award and Brussels Capital Film Festival Award for short film. She has completed an Artist Residency at the Berlin Art Institute and at ESKFF in Jersey City, NJ. Raisa has been the highlight artist for the Montclair Art Museum, a guest speaker at the Fashion Institute of Technology and Create! Magazine Podcast. Panel discussions include San Joaquin County Office of Education, Stockton CA, Monmouth Museum and the Laurelwood Arboretum, NJ.

Raisa has shown her work in solo exhibitions at 80WSE Gallery and Theodore Art, New York City, La Galerie Emeric Hahn, Paris and Gallery 51, Montclair, NJNosova’s public art projects are located in New York City, Milan, Paris, Berlin, Yonkers and Hoboken, NJ. Group shows include Monmouth Museum, Morristown Museum, the Whistler Museum, Mulberry Street Library, 440 Gallery, NYC, Armory Art Center, West Palm Beach and Drawing Rooms, Jersey City. Raisa has been an adjunct painting professor at the New York University and is the founder of Supernosovas classical drawing and painting program for youth.


My current work is a documentary self-portrait as I go through my first pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and postpartum. The multidisciplinary installation consisting of video, glass, and breastmilk sculpture, as well as painting, is a direct cry of motherhood pride and fragility. In my practice I dissect, peel, slice, unveil and reorganize extreme experiences to help me process their impacts. Intersection between tradition and appropriation, idealization and realism as well as between the grant and the mundane have been ongoing themes that I explore.

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