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I was born in Madrid in 1978, but my family moved to Sevilla, in the south of Spain when I was a little child. I always loved using scissors and paper to create new shapes and imaginary worlds. When I was at college studying architecture I used collage to express my ideas and projects.

I love the transition from computer screen to reality with real colors, shapes, and textures. I also love to collect things, with the idea that I'll use the materials in future projects. Anything that can be cut and pasted is used in my collage works. The first phase is collecting and selecting material and after this, I start to collage them with a project idea in mind or I allow myself to work freely and play. Looking for new material sometimes is a good way to find out new ideas and stories to share through my collage works.

I work in the architecture field and balance it with my work as a collage artist. My work has previously been featured in several international group exhibitions.


The Acorazadas is a feminist collage series. In this body of work, I play with cut-outs of old fashion magazines from the 50 ́s where the silhouette of a beautiful and well-dressed woman starts to change into a big cuirass (a piece of chest armor) with spikes. The Ginkgo Biloba leaves serve as an improvised mask or a kind of imaginary weapon. My intention is that these women are not only cute and beautiful but powerful and brave.

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