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Samantha began her art career as an art teacher in the public school system. After teaching in the classroom for 15 years, Samantha left to fulfill her longtime dream of being a full-time artist. Her home studio is in Tennessee, where she enjoys working with fluid acrylics on canvas, as well as experimenting with new techniques and media. 

What began as a realistic approach to painting, has now developed into a colorful, crisp, and lush style of her own. Samantha has been enamored by artists like Van Gogh and Wayne Thiebaud since childhood. Their use of color has influenced her practice of including intense and exaggerated colors within her work. Samantha wants her art to exude excitement, growth, and hope.

Since embarking upon her own artistic journey in 2016, Samantha has participated in various juried art shows and festivals, both local and regional. Her first solo exhibit was in 2018, with her most recent one taking place in the spring of 2022. A new collection of art is currently in the works - Colorful Perspective, which was inspired by a collection of antique kaleidoscopes. This project is being funded by an arts grant Samantha received, and will conclude with an interactive art exhibit in April 2023. To find out more about this collection, you can follow along by reading the blog on her website.


My process involves including both realism and abstraction within my work.  I draw inspiration from urban landscapes, nature, botanicals and common objects that bring beauty to everyday life. Fluid acrylics are my medium of choice. A colored base coat is the first step in my process. I then go on to sketch with paint and decide which elements would be more interesting in an abstract format and which realistic details would enhance the piece.  My palette includes saturated, punchy colors - which I use to add a lush and lively vibe to my work. I enjoy showcasing the flow of lines and patterns within a composition. It is always my goal to create a feeling of excitement, growth and hope within my paintings. 

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