Betsy Enzensberger, Made to Order Popsicle Sculpture Blue Sprinkle - Original Art


Betsy Enzensberger
Blue Sprinkle Popsicle Sculpture

(Made to order)

3 x 5 x 4 inches
Resin sculpture 

*NOTE: This puts in an order for Betsy Enzensberger to create a 100% custom and handmade resin sculpture in this style (transparent blue with sprinkles). Each dessert art sculpture is unique and can not be exactly replicated. It comes packaged in a custom gift box. 

"As many of you may know, I’ve been making sprinkle pops for years. I recently did a custom aqua sprinkle pop for an ice cream company and just fell in love with the translucent blue & sprinkle combo. This particular blue ink is no longer made and I have not been able to source it anywhere."

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