Samantha Wood

Samantha Wood Artist Biography

Samantha Wood is a Tennessee-based painter with a background in arts education. She has participated in numerous group exhibitions regionally as well as had several solo exhibitions of her work, the most recent being "Kaleidoscopes + Colorful Perspectives" in April 2023 at The Ned - Main Gallery. Her art has been featured in publications including Art Seen, New Visionary Magazine, Coffee People Zine, and The Purposeful Mayo. In 2022, she was the recipient of an arts grant from the Jackson Arts Council. 

Artist Statement

Inspiration for my paintings is derived from nature, nostalgia and common objects that I find interesting. Fluid acrylics are my medium of choice. A colored base coat is the first step in my process. I then go on to sketch with paint and decide which elements would be more interesting in an abstract format and which realistic details would enhance the piece.  My palette includes saturated, punchy colors - which I use to add a lush and lively vibe to my work. I enjoy showcasing the flow of lines and patterns within a composition, as well as finding ways to communicate my thoughts through imagery. It is always my goal to create a feeling of excitement, growth, and hope within my paintings. 

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