Ingrid V. Wells, The Future is Female - Original Painting


Ingrid V. Wells
The Future is Female

14 x 11 inches
Oil on panel


In this recent series by Ingrid V. Wells, titled 'Her Marbles', small oil paintings depict colorful and shiny spheres in various proximities to one another, amidst a creamy pale pink background. The series title alludes to the phrase “losing one’s marbles” and is meant as a reflection on the immediate crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic and the struggle to maintain a sense of normalcy. Circles are psychologically proven to be the happiest shape and pale pink is known to be the most calming of colors. Engaging with these visual tools,  she has adjusted her studio practice to respond directly to the current world-wide anxiety through oil painting.

The titles reference the music currently dominating pop culture. Lyrics of empowerment and positivity are linked with each painting, recognizing that during this time of social distancing music, art and technology are acting as instigators for connectivity and comfort. The titles are meant to bring joy, confidence, and humor to the viewer.

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