Chanel Kreuzer

Chanel Kreuzer Artist Biography

Chanel Kreuzer is a contemporary artist based in Texas with a disciplined practice of painting every day. A multidisciplinary creator whose strength is working with acrylic and mixed media, she focuses on painting the emotion of stillness found in nature.

Chanel attended Tarrant County College and graduated from The Paul Mitchell Institute where she studied color. She also received training at Austin Fine Arts where she studied under master artist Elizabeth Locke as well as attended Atelier Dojo Art School in Austin. Her work has previously been exhibited at The University of Texas Mexican American Cultural Center, Mexic-Arte Museum, and Katonah Museum of New York.

Artist Statement

When I paint, I invoke the spirit of black, the quiet wisdom that transcends color.

Through my art, I invite viewers to explore the symbiosis of black and nature. Let us celebrate the mystery, the resilience, and the timeless elegance of this hue. For within its depths lie the echoes of creation and the promise of renewal.

As I stand at the edge of the forest, brush in hand, I honor the blackness in the soil that cradles life. It is my muse, my companion, my silent collaborator. Together, we weave a tapestry of shadows and wonder - a testament to the interconnectedness of all things.

Art is nature manifested in all of us. It keeps us connected and can give us hope in a time that can feel unmanageable.

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