Elaine Truong

Elaine Truong Artist Biography

Elaine Truong is an emerging self-taught artist with a background in materials science who works with ceramic stoneware, paper, and marble. She has been painting and sculpting since a young age in Los Angeles, where she grew up. The artist is inspired by nature, organic shapes, and the intersections of mathematics, science, and art. She is passionate about female empowerment, building community, and using art for healing. Elaine has lived in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Singapore, but currently resides in New York City.


As an artist, my work reflects my fascination with the transience of life, movement, and flow. My mediums are ceramic, paper, marble, and acrylic, which allows me to explore the intersection of different materials, textures, and forms. Through my artwork, I aim to evoke a sense of calm and quiet strength, emphasizing the beauty and fragility of life.

My ceramic sculptures, with their abstract biomorphic forms, are inspired by nature, gestural movements, and elegant beauty. Ultimately, my goal as an artist is to create works that engage the viewer on an emotional level, inviting them to reflect on the beauty of life, and the role that art plays in capturing and preserving our experiences.

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