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Akihiro Boujoh, S - series of lines - Original Photograph


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Akihiro Boujoh
S - series of lines

24 x 24 inches (Edition of 7)
HD finish print on aluminum
15.7 x 15.7 inches (Edition of 25)
Certified art giclée on Baryta 325 gsm fine art paper

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Akihiro Boujoh (born 1990 in Nagasaki, Japan) is a Japanese artist and designer who works with sculpture, installation art, and photography. Akihiro has lived and worked in Utrecht, The Netherlands since 2016. A major theme in his work is the relationship between people and nature, and much of his works are concerned with space and nature that is changing their form time by time. Half of the artist's profits of the limited edition prints will go towards cleaning up the Mauritius oil spill incident

"My three and two-dimensional work encompasses sculpture, installation, and photography to explore the emerging chasm between nature, environment, and mankind in everyday life. We seem to ignore - or perhaps we do not recognize - that nature, environment, and man-kind are intricately intertwined in the same moment. To discover it, we may need to look both at the surface and at the very depths of our internal, individual interpretation. We have to live with nature but also live in nature. The aim of my work is to question how we perceive nature in and through man-made structures and vice versa.
 My practice concentrates on working with natural materials which included biotic and abiotic components and man-made materials. In a collection of works, I focussed on the longevity of organic and man-made materials. The works are expected to change their form through growth and decay and also expected to be moved by wind, temperature, and light. The central element of the works is flowing time."

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