Mixed media artwork by Andrea Lewicki Mixed media artwork by Andrea Lewicki Mixed media artwork by Andrea Lewicki

Andrea Lewicki, Future Summer - Original Artwork


Andrew Lewicki
Future Summer

11 x 14 inches
Acrylic and pencil on paper, finished with cold wax medium for luster and protection

"I begin new work by improvising, instinctually responding to whatever has my attention. Building up layers and creating visual language happens rapidly as I butter paint onto smooth surfaces with non-traditional painting tools. Then I work slowly and deliberately to break through the structure that has emerged – hours of sanding, scraping, sometimes releasing rigidity with pencil marks that are an abstraction of my handwriting. This divergent and convergent rhythm repeats, like a dance, until the piece is no longer about me making sense of my own world. It is confusing, often liberating, and through it all, I am discovering how to un-domesticate my creative voice."

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