Arielle Tesoriero Art

Arielle Tesoriero, Mukbang - Original Painting


Arielle Tesoriero

36 x 48 inches
Oil on canvas

Arielle Tesoriero is a 22-year-old feminist painter who works with oil to create large-scale, contemporary portraiture. Tesoriero currently resides in New York, New York. Growing up on the rural Eastern Shore of Maryland, art education was non-existent for her as she grew up in poverty. Tesoriero taught herself how to paint at the age of 12 until she was able to receive a formal education as an undergraduate. She is currently enrolled at the New York Academy of Art and holds a B.F.A from Salisbury University with a concentration in painting.

"My work revolves around my struggles with self-esteem, sexuality, desire, isolation, and loneliness. Every woman I know experiences these struggles because of an ideal beauty, morality, or purpose that is placed upon us by our surrounding environments. ​
I use my own poetry, diary entries, music, and photography as inspirations and references for my work. I also use classical literature, scholarly research, and social media. All of my inspiration comes directly from my life, normally from things I experience day-to-day. I have a big imagination so my compositions and subject matter come instantaneously to me. My paintings reflect very specific ideas (concerning mostly identity politics) that are intertwined with my references. Because of this, I describe painting as a diary to me because I depict scenes I couldn’t express in any other way- simply writing or singing about my work doesn't complete it. My thoughts aren't complete until I pick up a paintbrush."

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