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Asma Kazi, Bouquets for your Jiggledom - Original Painting


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Asma Kazi
Bouquets for your Jiggledom

30 x 40 inches
Acrylics and ink on gallery wrapped canvas

Asma Kazi is a self-taught, multidisciplinary artist based in Pune, India.

"My artworks are an agglomerate of elements from the natural world and the world of
fiction, where a magical beanstalk, may be painted into existence alongside fungi, candy trails, and mummy-esque cocoons, all seemingly abstract elements that are brought together into a state of cohesiveness. This series explores our age of mutating ecosystems. Of the ever-increasing noise and the constant friction between rigid systems that fray at the edges, often making way for more vibrant, flexible, inclusive systems, metamorphosing and morphing into lush bio diverse ecosystems of plankton, plastic, Pan’s labyrinth, and jelly beans. Of microplastics in our bloodstreams swimming alongside what may have been the last sigh of a stegosaurus as it watched fire fall from the sky, the thinning of the veil between the real & the surreal.

With these works I allow organic destiny to kick in. It is an exercise in following the
breadcrumb trail and connecting the dots, allowing each piece of art to flourish organically like an overgrown lush terrarium or coral reef. Some of these artworks have grown complex personalities of their own, evolving over the years, as I have added new detail to it, creating a new story over a story, resulting in art that is richly emotive and complex."