Austin Howlett Art

Austin Howlett, Imprint - Original Painting


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Austin Howlett

11 x 14 inches
Oil on panel

Austin Howlett is a Maui raised artist now living and working in Denver Colorado, who specializes in oil painting.

"At the core of my art lives humanity. Our perception of reality is filtered by unique emotions and thoughts and this relationship creates our identity. My artwork strives to express our perceived reality by delving into the relationship between humans and nature. I strive to portray the deep emotional connection that ties humankind to nature in a way that allows for self-reflection and an acknowledgment of nature’s identity. My representations of landscapes interpret the vibrant environment through my own filters of emotion that give the piece a vulnerable quality that allows the viewers to see the painting in a sensitive and truthful state. In order to capture the lively nature of what I see in a landscape, I felt the need to go beyond realism and find a visual language that best captures the emotion, movement, and life of an environment. With the creation of every piece, I strive to achieve a healing quality and a sense of tranquility as to stimulate a therapeutic visual experience. All of my work strives to humble the viewer and asks them to contemplate their role in the bigger picture of our world."

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