Bri Custer, 6:30 am On A Sunday - Original Painting


Bri Custer
6:30 am On A Sunday

16 x 20 inches
Oil on canvas


My sensitive, sometimes impulsive, painting process leads me to create abstracted landscapes steeped in intense color. I’m deeply interested in the concept of memory, specifically how our personal lenses can create false or skewed memories or block them out altogether. Memory serves as a record of our experiences, but it’s colored by our perceptions, judgments, and emotions, and is often only partial. I work to observe gaps in short-term memory during my painting sessions. I welcome the lapses that occur between observing my subject and marking my canvas as opportunities to invent color and space. My paintings are byproducts of this process, and I use that separation from my subject to indulge in personal impressions and exaggerated color relationships whenever I can.

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