Brittany-ellis-koi-fish-affordable-art-online Brittany-ellis-koi-fish-affordable-art-online Brittany-ellis-koi-fish-affordable-art-online Brittany Ellis, Koi Fish - Original Painting

Brittany Ellis, Koi Fish - Original Painting


Brittany Ellis
Koi Fish

18 x 24 inches 
Oil paint and oil pastel on 98lb paper


"The koi fish pond piece documented a time in Laguna Beach after I moved there for work. I began accepting more adult responsibilities balancing a career and devoting free time to art. This series became a series about life acceptance of the present. The nostalgia experienced within the past are feelings that are obtainable in the present by pursuing our aspirations. The pandemic forced everyone to slow down and acknowledge what we take for granted." - Brittany Ellis

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