Cecelia Cheung teal mixed media abstract painting Cecelia Cheung teal mixed media abstract painting Cecelia Cheung teal mixed media abstract painting

Cece Cheung, New Beginnings Around The Corner - Original Painting


Cece Cheung
New Beginnings Around The Corner

18 x 24 inches
Mixed media painting on canvas


Cece has lived and worked in Vancouver, BC, for the past ten years. During this past year of the pandemic and its accompanying change and challenges, she began painting as a creative outlet and a means of finding something fun, joyful and healing to focus on in her “off time” as a mom of two young girls. She paints in her home studio and approaches her art in a reflective and meditative state while drawing inspiration from her beautiful natural surroundings in the Lower Mainland.

"My work explores the dialogue between colour, movement, brush strokes, and emotional responses, memories, and lived experiences.

Focusing on high flowing, layered abstract washes of colour and mark-making, I interact with the canvas in a meditative and reflective personal state to translate my inner thoughts and reflections onto canvas, which often lean towards creating a sense of calm within the overall themes of each piece as I am continually seeking out that calm in various life circumstances. The choice of placement, colours, details, and scale are intuitive conversations I have with the canvas as I move between actively adding marks and swaths of colour and slowly pausing to reflect on my own feelings, emotions, and thoughts in between.

I am also continually inspired by the natural beauty of the geography in British Columbia, Canada. The movement and reflection of water is often in the forefront or background of my work as I am constantly moved by the fluidity and ever-changing yet calming qualities of water that is so prevalent in my surroundings."


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