Cindy Ruskin Art abstract oil painting Cindy Ruskin Art abstract oil painting Cindy Ruskin Art abstract oil painting

Cindy Ruskin, The Bright Affair - Original Painting


Cindy Ruskin
The Bright Affair

4 x 4 inches 
Oil  on cradled birchwood panel


Cindy Ruskin is an oil painter from New York City's East Village, relocated temporarily to Connecticut. Originally from South Africa, Cindy moved to the U.S. where she received a BA in art history from Harvard while also creating animated films and theatre set designs.

"This 'profound green' series is inspired by Emily Dickinson’s poem about a flower's challenge to survive, and the fortuitous events it takes for a flower to bloom. Her metaphor suggests the many challenges of young women.

The last two stanzas:
To pack the Bud - oppose the Worm -
Obtain its right of Dew -
Adjust the Heat - elude the Wind -
Escape the prowling Bee

Great Nature not to disappoint
Awaiting Her that Day -
To be a Flower, is profound
Responsibility -

I re-read this poem before starting each painting in the series. Every time, my understanding -- and the relationship to my art -- deepens. I want to guide the viewer through a portal into the lush, magical and intimate world of a flower blooming in the forest. I use paint to express the courage, creativity, and humor that it takes to survive in a difficult and complicated world."


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