Claira Heitzenrater Art

Claira Heitzenrater, Tell Me What You See (Grandma) - Original Painting


Claira Heitzenrater
Tell Me What You See (Grandma)

18 x 20 inches
Oil on dead stock textile

Claira Heitzenrater (b. 1988) is a contemporary painter, witch, and educator living and working in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She holds an MFA in Painting from Edinboro University and a BFA in Studio Art from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

"In my craft, I focus on healing through writing and deep inner knowing. In my artwork, I transcend the traditional still life in various formats, primarily painting. I paint antique objects of the home and hearth that take us back to those who came first. When I paint a household object, I make it my mission to give it life. These objects become sentient beings, thus delivering these pieces into the realm of portraiture. The portraits are reminiscent of times in our lives when the women provided comfort; provided safety, shelter, spells and sustenance. Painted utilizing methods of obfuscation, we are forced to accept these images as the memories they are.

The women of history are often forgotten or written out, having lived a thankless life of service, much of the time against their will. Painting these objects as women pays homage to their plight, thus contributing to the healing of the witch wound and taking the burden of that wound off my ancestors, future daughters, and myself. Each piece is a therapy session for our lineage and those yet to come. I love them, I honor them, I’m grateful for their life and all they accomplished behind the scenes, with little to no acknowledgement. May we heal the world with our art and move forward in the collective consciousness."

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