Daniel J. Valadez Art

Daniel J. Valadez, Bear - Original Painting


Daniel J. Valadez

12 x 16 inches
Oil on canvas

My work is layered in process. It starts out with photographing my subject. When I see a potential subject I look for that vulnerability. I want to capture them in their your moment, in their environment. Whether they are thinking about a loved one, an argument they’ve had, or the grocery bill - I want to capture them at their most vulnerable state mentally. This plays a role in how they interact with your environment. That’s what I’m looking for, what I take home that’s what I study, and live with. And build a relationship with.

My work is a controlled, chaotic mesh teetering between the worlds of abstraction and realism. I build that up with paint, with study, and with love. I then tear it down, break it and find those subtle nuances. I will then lose it, lose the image, and lose all the work I had done. I will then try to find my way back.

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