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Danielle Rae Miller, Pelvis with Datura - Original Drawing


Danielle Rae Miller
Pelvis with Datura

14 x 11 inches
Ink on drafting vellum


Danielle Rae Miller lives on Tiwa land near the Rio Grande bosque in Albuquerque New Mexico. She has her BFA from Rhode Island School of Design and her MFA from the University of New Mexico.

"In the Vivarium series, I use images of reptiles, snakes, birds, insects, and plants with interior parts of human bodies--bones and organs. I draw them on both sides of translucent drafting vellum, intentionally mirroring and overlapping images—interweaving them.

The cells of an insect wing look like the veins on a leaf. The curve of a snake’s body is similar to the opening in a pelvic bone. The texture of a flower stem mimics the tiny hairs on the legs of a bumblebee. These intersections are, for me, spiritual. The shapes I use are organic but composed with deep attention to symmetry and underlying geometry. I attend to the negative spaces by drawing patterns in them, activating them, braiding what would seem empty space into the whole.

We have wildly different experiences, yet all living things share the same universal atomic structure. This work is about our shared frailties and strengths and how these are magnified in relation to the other. It is about the vulnerability and power of interconnection."


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