Eliana Marinari, Last Summer - Original Artwork


Eliana Marinari
Last Summer

15.7 x 11.8 inches
Ink, pastel, and pencil on paper mounted on wood panel

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"My paintings, created by the superposition of glazing layers of aerosol paint on ink and pastel drawings, are a surreal representation of the subject, speaking of both the distorted quality of memory and the ephemeral nature of our experiences. The vestigial image, composed of transparent imperceptible paint particles, mimics the process of creating a visual representation of an image in our mind, which is matched in our memory to attribute meaning.  The hazy quality of my portraits challenge the viewer, as the process of face recognition becomes more difficult, semantic associations become more important. The introduction of abstraction in my work brings time, memory, loss, and an emotional narrative to the image so that the work becomes as much about the viewer as of the person who is in the painting." 

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