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Elisa Valenti, Every Last Drop - Limited Edition Print


Elisa Valenti
Every Last Drop

18 x 18 inches 
Limited edition print on fine art paper, Signed and numbered


*Each comes with a certificate of authenticity*

Elisa Valenti is an unapologetically body-positive and contemporary figurative artist living and working in Queens, New York. Her work evokes a very personal interpretation of beauty, strength, and vulnerability. Through a combination of drawing or painting from models and staged photographs, her full-figured women come to life on the canvas. The varying flesh tones used in her signature variation on cubism make each figure seem as if it could be any woman and indeed many of her viewers see themselves in her art.

"I paint ordinary bodies, not stylized or ideal ones. I do so because we are not used to seeing them. I paint them so the world can see a new kind of beauty. The ironic thing about my work is I don’t judge the success of my work by its aesthetic beauty- I judge it by the power it has to evoke feelings in others. When I receive comments like this, I know I’ve done my job: This is my same body type. When I look at this, I love her and ease in her body and look on her face. Every time your art comes up in my feed, she makes me more capable of loving myself.

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