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Elyse' Jokinen, On The Road - Original Collage


Elyse' Jokinen
On The Road

8 x 10 inches 
Collage on paper

Society puts a lot of pressure on women to be a certain way. In 'Bad Apples,' the analog collage series, I work to shatter any negativity behind those ideas. With paper, old book pages, magazines, and glue, I proudly tell a different story. I start by collecting, altering, and intuitively arranging images. Once the clippings find their perfect coordinates on the page, they're glued by hand with classic rock playing in the background. This collection reminds us that there's beauty in who you are, no matter what you're told to be. It represents freedom, femininity, equality, and yes, a bit of magic. - Elyse' Jokinen

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