Emma Hill Art

Emma Hill, Slip-Stream - Original Painting


Emma Hill

23.6 x 23.6 inches
Acrylic on canvas

*This artwork ships from the UK*

Emma Hill is a half English and half Norwegian self-taught painter based in Surrey.

"My abstract paintings are raw, self-expressive, and contemporary, blurring the lines between impressionism and graffiti.

My painting explores my memories and experiences of nature: of the sea, the sky, and the landscape. Instead of following the traditional sense of recording by recognition, my use of color and texture documents my senses. The energy of my mark-making expresses my emotional feelings and associated memories of a time and place, holding the true essence by creating a visual dreamscape.

My creating is spontaneous and intuitive and emotionally charged. Each picture begins with a single brushstroke, starting a conversation. A streak of turquoise leaps over a zig-zag spectrum. Parchment and lilac play beside striking fluorescents. Prussian blue drips like pouring rain and brilliant white miniature dots light up the sky like stars. Paint is thrown wide and poured tight, meandering, and flowing, determining our journey in life.

My artwork's aim is to create paintings to dream into, constructing an intuitive world where we are happy, just to be. Each painting is complete and given meaning by you, the imagination of the viewer."

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