Erika Norris, Snack Attack 1 - Original Drawing

Erika Norris, Snack Attack 1 - Original Drawing


Erika Norris
Snack Attack 1

6 x 8 inches
Colored pencil on paper

Erika Norris holds an MA in Fine Arts from Goldsmiths' College (University of London and LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore) and a BA from the Gallatin School of Independent Study at NYU. Her artwork explores our relationship with food and identity.

"Desserts, sweets, and treats feature prominently in my art because of the dichotomies they evoke: desire and sacrifice, indulgence and guilt, good and bad. I bring out these contradictions in my work through the use of distortion, negative space, and scale. While I enjoy using all sorts of media to make my art, I find that colored pencil allows me to bring a detailed, layered, and delicate quality to my finished pieces."  

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