Gabriela Manfredi Fine Art Photography

Gabriela Manfredi, Omaha - Original Photography


Gabriela Manfredi

12 x 18 inches
Digital luster photograph

Gabriela Manfredi was born in Guatemala and now resides in Long Island NY, a place that has served as both a home and a limitless source of creative inspiration. With a body of work that spans Documentary, Portraiture, Landscape, and Abstraction, Gabriela’s work explores a wide range of personal, social, and political themes. Her work is informed by her extensive travel, a strong passion for music, and her unique perspective as an immigrant, as well as the natural and social landscapes of Long Island. Gabriela studied Fine Art Photography at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC and is passionate about supporting fellow female artists as well as the broader local artistic community.

"My artwork has always been inherently personal, focused on capturing human emotion using light and color. In my exploration of these themes, I primarily focus on two different styles: Documentary and “Experimental Colorwork”. My most recent work serves as an expression of love for my chosen medium and as a mediation on the ability to manipulate images of the pristine natural world through the lens of technology. Since the start of the Pandemic, shooting raw documentary work has felt coarse, and increasingly irrelevant; failing to compete with the reality of social isolation and upheaval we are presented with incessantly. My current work reflects a personal retreat into the natural world as a proactive response to the turmoil of human society. Through these images, I am focused on explorations of a more ephemeral and atmospheric nature as an outlet to express my emotional responses to the ebb and flow of life in a lighter, more effervescent manner."


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