Giorgio Celin Art

Giorgio Celin, Figures n.16 - Original Painting


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Giorgio Celin
Figures n.16

19.7 x 27.6 inches
Oil on canvas

*This artwork ships from Spain*

Giorgio Celin is a Barcelona-based, Colombian-Italian visual artist whose paintings and ink drawings create intimate scenes of queer lives. He studied classical art in Naples, Italy, and graphic design in Valencia, Spain.

"I think painting as poetry, a mystery, an alchemic process: explaining it too much would be like killing “the feeling” of it. A successful painting is one that can give the viewer, through a particular composition, set of lines, or a certain use of colors, the recreation of a set of feelings (or, at least, the “illusion” of it).

In the relative conceptual mystery in which I like to frame my work, a process of queerization of painted visual imagery is very important in my lexicon and one of the basic topics of my art: coming from two conservative countries related to homosexuality, and as a queer male, a Latinx that experienced the process of migrating from one country to the other multiple times, I feel the mission to use queerness as a political tool to push the visual conversation forward and fight visual stereotypes of both heteronormative and mainstream gay imagery.

Queerization doesn't apply only to sexuality, but also to the subject matter: the complexity of the Latin-American diaspora is very under-represented in the history of visual art.

In synthesis, I would define my aesthetic as a “contemporary mythology” formed by my love for last century early European modernism, the manga/anime style of the early nineties, and a splash of "tropicalismo"."

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