Hannah Debson Art

Hannah Debson, Elbows, Legs and Roses - Original Artwork


Hannah Debson
Elbows, Legs and Roses

16 x 24 inches
Hahnemühle pearl giclee print


*This artwork ships from the UK*

"I am fascinated with how people use fashion and beauty to create their own understanding of self and express it to the world, an interest initially sparked by my study of art history and fashion editorial work. Through portraiture, nude studies, and even still life, I use photography to explore and demystify ‘beauty’, for others and for myself. These explorations provide an insight into the fundamental human emotions that lie beneath this basic feature of human society. I also love to play with medium and the tension between fine art portraiture and commercial photography, placing emphasis on the viewer to determine which is which, or even if such a distinction exists."

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