Hillary Cumberworth Ceramic Vessel Hillary Cumberworth Ceramic Vessel Hillary Cumberworth Ceramic Vessel

Hillary Cumberworth, Vessel 50 - Original Sculpture


Hillary Cumberworth
Vessel 50

11.5 inches 
Matte black glazed ceramic

"Can you identify those moments in life that shaped you? Those moments that pointed you down a new path, albeit prosperous or not. Those moments that cut so deep that you thought you wouldn’t be able to move forward and reshaped your thinking of the world around you? Those moments that were so joyous you just wanted the world to stop at that exact second and stay there forever?  

For me, these moments have spanned throughout my life. From growing up with dyslexia, being a college athlete, navigating life with an older brother who was an addict, had a mental illness, and subsequently died by his own hand, and marrying my best friend. Life is full of highs and lows, give and takes, bending and drawing lines in the sand. These meaningful life moments shape our souls and who we are, how we hold ourselves and view the world. We all start as untarnished vessels. We are all slightly different, some have more space to fill from the very beginning and others less space in this world but we are simple, naive, and empty, ready to be filled with life. Each one of us sees life through the lenses of the experiences we have.  When we stand alone others can dissect us to see our dents, our simple yet beautiful lines that make us who we are. Some of us are slightly altered with few alterations while others are morphed and bent and significantly changed by their journey. When they stand alone we see the hardships, pain, and beauty of how these moments have altered that person and have impressed those moments in their life.  

My latest series of sculptures is meant to stand alone or in groupings. Just like in life,  sometimes we need to stand on our own for us to recognize our own depth, beauty, strength, and pain. Other times we need those around us to communicate with and to bring out our magnificence by using their own life-altering moments to spotlight ours. We need community and friendship to highlight our pain and our successes while protecting and lifting us up in the process. Life is not always pretty but it takes every moment of our journey, the good, the bad, and the not so pretty, to make us the person that we are, the person we are becoming, and to help draw out the beauty and gifts of those around us."


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