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Jenna Morello, Modern Bouquet 3.0 (Purple and Black) - Original Art


Jenna Morello
Modern Bouquet 3.0 (Purple and Black) 

3 x 3 x 3 inches
Real rose forever preserved in resin and cast in concrete

"Preserved to be buried and dug up again, Jenna Morello's Modern Bouquet is a sculpture that reimagines beauty. It was created through the process of carefully chipping away at something to reveal what's underneath. All parts are made by hand and meticulously crafted, often redone or thrown out if not perfect or close to it. The piece purchased will be this or one or one in the same color palette. No two are identical. Each work is marked with the artist's distinct logo as proof of its authenticity as a Jenna Morello original."

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