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Jenny Brown, Wild Lavender Welk - Original Collage


Jenny Brown
Wild Lavender Welk

4.25 x 6.25 inches
Pen and collage on cabinet card

Jenny Brown is an artist and a 1996 graduate of Bennington College. She received her MFA in 2005 from The School of Visual Arts, where she focused on the mediums of painting, drawing, and collage. 

"As an artist who sees the process of creating art as non-linear, I find that I experience the past, present, and future lives of my work all simultaneously. These periods of time happen all at once, maybe not at all, and sometimes infinitely with no end in sight. I find everyday curiousness, the physical mementos (such as photographs & paper ephemera I use in my work), and the history and images from past travels to be present every time I bring pen to paper. For when one speaks to me about my work and my creative process, I wish they could see it all-the beginnings, the unknowns, the forgotten, the lost, the joyous, and the never-ending beauty of the story that brought me to this exact place and time."

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