Jessica Harris art landscape painting Jessica Harris art landscape painting Jessica Harris art landscape painting Jessica Harris, Tokyo in Spring - Original Painting

Jessica Harris, Tokyo in Spring - Original Painting


Jessica Harris
Tokyo in Spring

12 x 12 inches
Oil on canvas

Growing up, Jess Harris has always felt the need to create. The freeing feeling of bringing something to life from her imagination has been the driving force behind her artistic process. Jess Harris is a 22-year-old artist based in New Jersey, from the same town she was born and raised. She is self-taught, took up all art-related electives throughout her entire school life, and earned a Certificate In Photography from Rowan College. After completing her studies, she decided to take on art and has been running her small business, selling and creating original artwork part-time, since 2019.

A lot of my time as an artist and individual is spent pulling myself out of reality and putting myself into the white square frame in front of me. I like to see and imagine a world outside of my own and bring the canvas to life, a life in which I and others would like to escape to occasionally. Pastel colors have always caught my eye as they give me a sense of peace and a whimsical feeling, which is why it is used in most of my pieces. These days, as I sit inside waiting for the world to open back up again, my longing to travel and see new things has been captured in my recent oil paintings. Specifically, inspiration from Japanese Architecture, as it’s such a vast difference from my home in the States. Starting each piece off with a bright pink underpainting and finishing with a splash of glitter and a glossy varnish tends to bring my paintings to life. I hope for the world to sense the contentment and peacefulness I drift into while I paint, as they admire my work, the blank white frame suddenly thriving with color and emotions.


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