Jessica Rubin, Morning Pause - Original Painting

Jessica Rubin, Morning Pause - Original Painting


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Jessica Rubin
Morning Pause

40 x 40 inches
Oil on canvas


"Lately, I have been thinking a lot about comfort and safe spaces in my work. For much of the last year, many of us have spent more time than ever in our own bedrooms and domestic spaces. This forced proximity places another level of importance on our personal spaces and they become a necessary extension of ourselves. We require a level of care for our spaces so they can care for us. Within these spaces, I use the body as a landscape with organic shapes and curves and unnatural vibrant colors. I paint the figures from unusual perspectives, sometimes including the perspective of the subject so the viewers can step into the work as if they are looking down at their own bodies. This unusual way of viewing the body of another person evokes a sense of distortion of the body that expresses the disconnect that I often feel in my own body with the way women's bodies are viewed by others."

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